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4G LTE On Cricket Phones

The recent Cricket Phones now have 4G LTE Technology which is the latest wireless technology giving phones faster speeds and less waiting. Users of Cricket Phones can easily download apps, games and photos.

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What Is 4G LTE On Cricket Phones?

4G LTE on Cricket Phones stands for fourth generation long term evolution. It is the fastest wireless innovation that offers improved speeds compared to 3G Cricket Phones especially when used in areas supported by 4G LTE.

These are currently the areas covered by 4G LTE:

• Tucson
• Phoenix

• Wilmington

• Las Vegas

New Jersey
• Atlantic City

• Philadelphia

• Austin
• Brownsville
• Corpus Christi
• Del Rio
• Eagle Pass
• Houston
• Killeen
• Laredo
• McAllen
• San Antonio
• Temple

Cricket Wireless announced an increase in supported areas soon so that more users of Cricket Phones can enjoy 4G LTE.

How To Enjoy The 4G LTE On Cricket Phones?

  • To start enjoying 4G LTE, you need a unit that is LTE-enabled. You also need a 4G Cricket Wireless Plan. These Cricket Phones must be used within the coverage areas supported by Cricket Wireless 4G LTE.
  • If you are outside the coverage are for 4G LTE and you own Cricket Phones which are 4G-enabled, you can still enjoy surfing the web through 3G.

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