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Best Cricket Phones

Cricket Phones are the best-selling phones to date because of the plans and services offered by the network. If you are up for a new smartphone, here are the list of the best Cricket Phones as of 2013.

 Cricket Phones Plan

Best Cricket Phones of 2013

  • iPhone 5c. This is one of the best Cricket Phones today because of its appeal to the youth. It comes in bold colors and is the cheapest iPhone ever released. It has basically the same features with the iPhone 5 of 2012 but with a plastic finish. The plastic finish is not cheap in the hands. It is as great as the aluminium finish. If you want a more youthful look on a smartphone, then this is the phone for you.
  • iPhone 5s. Apart from the iPhone 5c, there is still another iPhone which got a spot in the best Cricket Phones of 2013 and that is the iPhone 5s. Both phones were released at the same time. The iPhone 5c, as mentioned, is for the younger generation of customer while the iPhone 5s are for those looking for sophisticated smartphones.
  • Kyocera Hydro. A smartphone that just cannot be evicted from the best Cricket Phones list is the Kyocera Hydro. Being a waterproof and shock proof phone, there is hardly any phone right now that can compete with this one.

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