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iPhone 5s: One Of The Best Cricket Phones

Today, iPhone 5s belongs to the best-selling Cricket Phones. The Cricket Wireless Company is making so much money on the post-paid plans for the iPhone 5s. Read on to know why people can resist this smartphone.

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Best Cricket Phones – iPhone 5s

Below are the features which made iPhone 5s one of the best Cricket Phones of 2013:

  • It comes with the latest touch ID innovation. Though there were countless other Cricket Phones that came with the Touch ID, this innovation because world-known when the iPhone 5s was released. With Touch ID, users need not enter their password another. A simple touch unlocks the phone and allows the user to make purchase in App Store and ITunes Store.
  • iPhone 5s is faster with its new processors. Another factor which made the iPhone 5s belong to the best Cricket Phones is its new processors. It now comes with the newest A7 Chip processor and a new motion processor which gives the unit a faster speed compared to the past iPhones and other Cricket Phones.
  • Last but definitely not the least, iPhone 5s is one of the best Cricket Phones because of its new iSight Camera. The smartphone has a bigger resolution at exactly 8 megapixels. It also has wider lens that allows more light to enter the unit giving the photos a better quality. New photo modes are also added for better photography experience.

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